Fire Door Surveys

Fire doors can play an important part in reducing the spread of fire and smoke. Ensure they are fit for purpose with a Fire Door Survey.

Fire doors need to be checked and maintained just like any other fire safety systems within a building. They can only slow the spread of fire and smoke if they are kept in good working order.

During a Fire Door Survey, we will visit your premises and carry out a thorough examination of your fire doors, including taking photographs and assessing their construction. The resulting report will include the photographs and a list of recommendations. Our surveys can also tell you where your fire doors need to be as well as what the condition of your existing doors is.

The regulations and rules surrounding fire doors can change. Doors that may have been compliant when first installed may not remain so. A Fire Door Survey can check whether your fire doors conform to the standards required.

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Save money

We will reduce your build costs by adopting the 'Fabric First' philosophy to remove the need for expensive renewable technologies. We carry out a complimentary specification review on every single project to see where we can reduce your costs.

Reduce risk

All our compliance services come with a 100% pass guarantee. We will never charge you for assessments that don't pass. We will always provide free guidance to achieve a pass in the cheapest way possible.

Reduce red tape

We operate a common sense approach to building compliance. Our team comes from a background in volume house building, Architecture and Engineering. We understand all the time, cost and hassle constraints involved in construction.

Save time

We can provide a 24 hour turnaround on services when required. Also, we will produce your new build EPCs on the same day as receiving the air test result.

"C80 Solutions offer a fast professional service and are always helpful and willing to go the extra mile when we need to turn things around quickly."

Julie Austin, Empire

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