Thermal Modelling

What is DSM?

DSM stands for Dynamic Simulation Model and is sometimes referred to as Thermal Modelling. DSM is similar to SBEM in that it can be used to carry out Building compliance assessments (Part L), however the added advantage of DSM is that it produces a significantly more accurate and detailed assessment of a building’s environmental performance. This increased accuracy is achieved by producing a 3D model of the building and using actual weather and solar data for the buildings specific location and orientation.
In the main DSM is used to assess commercial buildings, however it can be used to model residential developments more accurately than SAP.


What are the benefits of producing a DSM & what can it be used for?

DSM can be used to produce and accurately investigate the following building characteristics:

  • Design Stage & as built stage Part L calculations / BRUKL reports
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Predicted Energy Use / CO2 Emissions
  • Thermal Performance
  • Overheating analysis and Thermal Comfort for BREEAM projects
  • Daylight calculations / Sunlight assessments
  • Renewable technology studies
  • Ventilation calculations (Part F)
  • Energy Statements
  • Calculate heating loads and cooling loads.

Our DSM process:

  • Review Plans and specification
  • Produce accurate 3D building Model of the building using industry leading DSM software
  • Carry out detailed analysis by running various simulations over a period of time
  • Provide accurate results and guidance on the project specific area of analysis
  • Supply reports / calculations to meet project deadlines.

Why Use C80 Solutions for your DSM?

  • Trained and accredited consultants using industry leading DSM software
  • Provide a range of design based building analysis all in one piece of software
  • We can help improve the energy efficiency of the building’s design and reduce energy costs
  • Our service ranges from pure building compliance right through to optimising the buildings performance.
  • We provide a national coverage.

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We can help you...

Save money

We will reduce your build costs by adopting the 'Fabric First' philosophy to remove the need for expensive renewable technologies. We carry out a complimentary specification review on every single project to see where we can reduce your costs.

Reduce risk

All our compliance services come with a 100% pass guarantee. We will never charge you for assessments that don't pass. We will always provide free guidance to achieve a pass in the cheapest way possible.

Reduce red tape

We operate a common sense approach to building compliance. Our team comes from a background in volume house building, Architecture and Engineering. We understand all the time, cost and hassle constraints involved in construction.

Save time

We can provide a 24 hour turnaround on services when required. Also, we will produce your new build EPCs on the same day as receiving the air test result.

"C80 are very helpful, efficient and professional with fantastic turnaround times. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them"


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