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  • 14th May 2017|
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Since October last year, all proposed residential developments located in London are required to comply with new set of CO2 emissions reduction requirements, commonly referred as a zero carbon standard. ... read more

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  • 27th November 2016|
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Homes should provide adequate space to meet basic residents’ needs, such as access to doors, windows and furniture, undertaking basic living activities, like washing, dressing, cooking, eating, playing and socialising, ability to move around the home ... read more

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  • 22nd November 2016|
  • eco-towers|
  • green architecture|
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  • sustainable cities
  • |Mark Heptonstall

A new breed of eco-towers is emerging globally. Milan’s Bosco Verticale, the Shanghai Tower, or Calcutta’s Astitva have all become symbols of new quality of life in cities. ... read more

By Mark Heptonstall
  • 21st November 2016|
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  • |Oliver Todd

We're proud to launch the new C80 Solutions website ... read more

By Oliver Todd

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