About Us

C80 Solutions is an award-winning, experienced building compliance company providing a wide range of energy assessment, compliance, consultancy and testing services for the UK residential and commercial sectors.

As the regulations surrounding carbon emissions and sustainability in the built environment continue to get tighter and more complex, your profit margins are constantly being squeezed. We exist solely to save you time, money and take the hassle out of meeting the regs.

C80 Solutions is a member of the C80 Group.

What do we do?

  • Building Compliance
  • Energy Assessment
  • Onsite Testing Services (Sound, Air, Ventilation)
  • Property Compliance
  • Environmental Services
  • Consultancy
  • White Label Services

Who do we do it for?

  • Housebuilders
  • Contractors & developers
  • Architects
  • M&E engineers
  • Local authorities
  • Self-builders & homeowners

Where do we do it?

We cover the whole of the UK.

What makes us so different from everybody else?

  1. Our management team is from a background in property development, so we think like a developer and are always looking to save you money & time and reduce risk & hassle
  2. Our key personnel are from accreditation body backgrounds so we know exactly how to get you through the regs
  3. We will always find you a solution.

Why use us?

  1. We will save you money
  2. We will save you time
  3. We will reduce your hassle
  4. We will reduce your risk.

How experienced are we?

The Team


Mark Heptonstall | Group CEO


Oliver Bentley | Managing Director


Jonathon Hill | Energy & Sustainability Consultant

Dan Chadwick

Dan Chadwick | Energy & Sustainability Consultant


Harry Hinchliffe | Sustainability Consultant (Specialising in BREEAM)


Sam Millard | Energy Consultant, Acoustic Engineer & Air Permeability Engineer


Sanha Iqbal | Building Physics Engineer


Tammy Temperley | Office Manager


Katherine Naisbitt | Group Commercial Director


Emily Garthwaite | Group Digital Marketing Executive


Gary Lumby MBE FCIBS | Group Non-Executive Director

Gary provides key strategic input across C80 Group’s companies.

Reduce your risk, save time and money.

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